TNA’s Total Nonstop Deletion Is A Nonstop Joy :

TNA’s Total Nonstop Deletion Is A Nonstop Joy :


In the world of wrestling, these days we hear the rumours months before storylines are in place and thanks to Social Media, these characters are just that, characters, rather than the real life super heroes that we remember as kids. I wish we could go back sometimes and relive the glorious days of Kayfabe and it seems that Matt Hardy feels the same way, with the recent TNA episode a great example of storytelling and action.
Since Hardy became ‘Broken’, he has claimed to be visited by 7 god types who have told him that he has lived for thousands of years and he, along with his Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) are left with the task of being the best in the world through space and time. How do you do this, with today’s Smark audiences? You take the scene away from Universal Studios to Matt’s own environment, add a drone, his wife playing the piano, a 17 month old king beating Rockstar Spud and add a massive dose of chaos and voila, Total Nonstop Deletion.
As well as Jeff debuting another new bonkers character in Inchweeed (Yes, three 3’s) and ODB returning to challenge for the number one contender spot, we got Apocalypto, a contest open to all tag teams from all space and time, so you see The Hardys and Decay mixing with The Rock And Roll Express and even Rockstar Spud and Hornswoggle. It was a blast, quite literally, as a volcano appears on the Hardy property, news crews tell us that the end of the world might be coming and the world is saved by…The Hurricane??
Total Nonstop Deletion was a brilliant piece of originality by TNA and in an arena where we often diss wrestling companies for doing the same thing over and over, Hardy deserves props for this fun and fantastic adventure. DELETE!!!



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