Quote, Unquote : Vader

Quote, Unquote : Vader


“It’s no secret I’m having some health problems. But I’ll leave it at that, I’m 6’4 barefoot, I’m 365 pounds, I can still bench press over 450, and if this kid, this little boy — I would actually take it a step further and say that I would break a long standing rule that I’ve had that I don’t pick on little people. Maybe a dinosaur is appropriate, but some of the other things like ‘dumb’. I may slur my words from time to time from the concussions and all the hits to the head but I got a degree from the 16th ranked business school in the country, University Of Colorado. If this guy wants to come to a Boulder, Colorado I have a ring and we can get in it and see if he can beat me up. Because I would shove his head so far up his you know what and send him back home. That little boy would get spanked, I’d turn him over my knee and spank him.”


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