Movie : The Purge – Election Year

Movie : The Purge – Election Year


With all the craziness around the Trump election, you might find that The Purge : Election Year plays slightly more realistically than the film makers had originally intended. A female running using less nasty games and more promises that the higher ups don’t like…Hmm.
I was rather disappointed with Anarchy (if you were wondering why there is no review here, that is why, I don’t tend to spend a lot of time talking about why i dislike things when there are so many thing to love out there – i did not hate it though, I just did not really connect with 98% of the characters which is what The Purge needs to work.) with only one character seemingly doing things for the right reasons, even if the thing he is doing would be murder on any other day of the week. Luckily this character is the only returning actor in this threequel, which is the darkest and perhaps the best so far.
Election Year works because it sets up people that we can identify with, puts them in tough situations and THEN sets The Purge in motion. All it takes is one goon in a mask to threaten the likable team and Election Year’s fear and tension is ramped up.
The other great thing about Election Year, is the change in the rules of the Purge. No longer are those higher up immune to the killings, now anyone can be murdered, no questioned asked, and so instantly you have a load of old ancient white dudes running scared. But the film throws another curve ball, one of the politicians locks down in her own house, to show that she is a woman of the people and whilst you get joy in thinking of the ancients being slaughtered, you really like this woman instantly and hence the magic happens – it is survive or die!
Once again it is not all big scenarios here, one of the kills is set in motion merely because a couple of teen tearaways tried to steal a chocolate bar and come back to get it. This might sound laughable on paper, but it is exactly why The Purge works as a horror series, as there are so many tiny stories you can tell in the space of 90 minutes – and Election Year is as tight and action packed as the original, you barely have time to draw a breath before another scenario starts to play out.
There are touches of other cinematic greats nodded to here (Hostel III, Mad Max, The Warriors), but mostly it is an original, thoughtful and exciting rollercoaster ride that again makes you wonder exactly what YOU would do during those 12 hours…


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