Movie : Sing

Movie : Sing


Illumination is now best known for the Despicable Me pictures and a certain little yellow troop known as Minions, but Sing shows that as well as producing knock about humour and classic sight gags, it can also produce a film with heart and soul.
The film revolves around Buster Moon, a down on his luck koala bear who comes up with a perfect idea to revive his theatre company, a singing competition with a big prize. Suddenly people from all over the city are flocking to his place to try their luck. This story allows a great number of characters to be introduced, some of whom just stay in the background giving the occasional gag, whilst others are the main focus of the film – a gorilla whose father wants him to be a getaway driver, a mother of 24 who wants more out of life than going to the supermarket and best of all Gunter, a pig with Gaga moves who brings the laughs every time he is on screen.
Sing succeeds by including all kinds of songs during the auditions and the characters home lives – one minute it is Leonard Cohen, then Queen and David Bowie and then Sir Mix-A-Lot, part of the joy here is seeing what pop hit comes next and who performs it.
The animation here is beautiful, not only with the cast of the show but the backgrounds, such as the ancient theatre or the county jail, everything brims with life and there is never a dull moment throughout its running time.
Sing is a great fun frolic for all fans of comedy and character and expect to see some of these singers in their own short movies or spin offs soon – give me more Gunter, Illumnation! 🙂


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