Movie Review : Moonlight

Movie Review : Moonlight


Here comes Awards Season and the big winner at the Golden Globes was Moonlight, a movie that was not even on my radar until it took Best Picture and suddenly became a must see. I am glad for the nod as Moonlight is an interesting heartfelt drama, following the same character through three ages, kind of like a black Boyhood.
In the first third, we meet ‘Little’, a pre-teen who finds himself picked on by the neighbourhood bullies and finds solace with a drug dealer and his girlfriend who give him food and lessons in life, when his mother has little time for him. Then Chiron, (the boy’s real name) the second part sees him as a confused teen and finally part three Black finds him going back to his roots to discover himself.
When the film starts with your average drug dealers hangin on the street, you might think this is just another gangster picture, but it soon opens up and you realise that it is a coming of age tale about a young man unsure of his sexuality in an environment that shuns him.
The three main performances are excellent and the script by Barry Jenkins, who also directed, is full of great moments and the occasional surprise, either sexual or violent. Mostly Moonlight is full of heart and soul and should be a winner with anyone looking for an intelligent piece of cinema that deserves any gold it gets.


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