The WWE UK Championship Is A Winner :

The WWE UK Championship Is A Winner :


With the WWE Network, the new ideas are often hit and miss. I enjoyed Bring It To The Table and Camp WWE, but avoided Story Time and Ride Along. Mostly I use the Network to watch old classics that I remember fondly, or watch matches that are referenced by Jim Cornette or Taz on their excellent podcasts.
Triple HHH’s latest idea the UK Championship provided a great two part adventure this last weekend and viewers were introduced to a huge number of talented individuals that they may never have seen before. I knew Wolfgang from his time in ICW, which I love, but most were new to me and impressed greatly as the tournament progressed, especially Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne, who could easily become one of WWE’s biggest heels if put in the right programme.
Mark Andrews has the ability and the look to become a massive face on Raw and Wolfgang would provide some competition for old Strowman over there on the red show.
The best thing, after Bate’s exciting and well deserved win, is that these cats have already made names for themselves in UK circles and so heading over to Youtube, I already had an entire library of matches to watch – it was interesting to see Andrews and Dunne tag teaming as faces and to see that Bate had the same character rocking when he was playing tiny sports halls.
More of these talents please, Mr Trips.


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