Holocaust Memorial Day 2017 :

Holocaust Memorial Day 2017 :


It is Holocaust Memorial Day. A day of remembrance and peace about the darkness and horror of the worst time in history.
Books on the subject I suggest are Primo Levi’s If This Is A Man and Survival In Auschwitz, Five Chimneys by Olga Lengyel, Auschwitz A Doctor’s Account by Miklos Nyiszli and The Holocaust by Martin Gilbert.
The film to watch is Night And Fog which is a haunting look at the horror that will stay with you forever.
The simple thing to do on Holocaust Memorial Day is JUST TO REMEMBER and make sure it never happens again. Educate others.

Here’s a poem I wrote on the subject, maybe 20 years ago, sometimes we only have words to fight with, so use them as well as you can…


Wide open spaces,
Requiem for forgotten faces.
Stone floor breeding malaria
Bleeding a mutilated aria.
Empty expressions staring distorted,
Thought is crushed by dominant torturers.
The smell of stale crawling death,
Bodies stacked by decomposition.
Gas caresses severed senses,
Spinning sickly rank cadavers.


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