Come Visit ‘Lucy Goes To Hollywood’ :

Come Visit ‘Lucy Goes To Hollywood’ :


Got time for a new movies blog? Of course you do, this is the Internet where your time is well spent listening to us writers talk about movies, music, magic etc etc. Now my friend Lucy has thrown her very talented hat into the ring with her new blog Lucy Goes To Hollywood which is set to discuss and look at all kinds of cinema that she loves and she has the same sort of love of variety as me, with her top ten movies ever ranging from the darkness of the original Saw to Pixar’s The Incredibles.
The blog is all new, but head over there now to read her excellent review of Trainspotting 2 and her list of Top Ten Movies Of All Time. Both are great reads – in case you think I am just hyping her because she is my friend, i should note that her top 10 Best contains 2 of my Top Three Worst movies ever – 127 Hours and District 9, a hippy trapped in a rut tedium from a well past his prime Danny Boyle and a preachy ‘alien’ movie that hammers home its message as if we are an audience of idiots listening to a dumb student wearing a Marley shirt in the pub because he’s World Conscious. The maker of District 9 did follow it up with the excellent Chappie and Boyle will always have the one-two killer punch of Shallow Grave and Trainspotting in his arsenal though. Anyhoo, enough about me, go visit Lucy. GO!


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