Movie Review : Lion

Movie Review : Lion


Sometimes the Oscars are great because they introduce you to films that perhaps you would not have noticed without their little nudge. This year has brought the drama of Moonlight and now the tale of misplacement and feeling lost in the world that is Lion.
First I should admit that I was intending to miss this as I have never been a fan of Dev Patel, I could never warm to his performances and he is certainly not a main name actor in my world. Yet I admit I found him great here, with a brave performance going from happiness to obsession to close to breakdown, he shines throughout and it is his character that is the focus of much of the film even though Patel only arrives in the second half.
This is very much a character based film and so it is lucky to have such an excellent cast. Rooney Mara as Patel’s girlfriend is electrifying, utterly beguiling, so much that she may bring you to tears when Patel turns his back to continue his obsession with the past he is desperate to connect with and you watch her unwillingly fade into the background.
The top showing here though must go to Nicole Kidman, one of the world’s most glamourous actress’ swaps the diamonds and make-up to present a regular Australian mother feeling distant from her ever loved son. She is magnetic.
Overall, despite the fact that even without reading about the real story, you kind of know how this one is going to turn out, it is an interesting and rewarding journey well worth taking.


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