Movie Review : The Lego Batman Movie

Movie Review : The Lego Batman Movie


Watching the Lego Batman Movie, you might feel as if you have fallen into the world’s largest vat of popping candy, it is an hour and a half of crazy action, colour and songs. And Batman. Every movie needs Batman.
Will Arnett is fantastic as The Dark Knight and Michael Cera also shines as Robin, perhaps aside from Gordon-Levitt, the only person to do so in that role. Everyone has always hated Robin, but here he will make you laugh your ass off. Add to this such ‘luminaries’ as Mariah Carey and you have a world alive and full of colourful irresistable characters. Some expected (Joker – “What about that thing with the two boats?” – amazing) and others not so much. This is where perhaps the pudding is a little over egged, I understand that it is childish to argue about blatant advertising in A MOVIE BASED UPON LEGO, but everytime I saw say a gremlin or King Kong, it took me out of the superhero action and made it feel like an advert for Lego Dimensions. I just think you could have made an entire movie just with the DC characters, you did not real need to bring Sauron into it, except to make a few gags about him being a big eyeball. Then again, looking at it from the other side, I probably would have been super happy to see Emmett popping up, despite him not being a DC player, so perhaps I should just shut up and enjoy seeing The Wicked Witch and her flying monkeys back on the big screen.
And I will be seeing it again, the film leaves you completely breathless with its constant stream of information, characters and gags, they are ten a second and there is no way to catch them all in one sitting.
Batman fans will geek out as EVERY previous big screen adventure is referenced, even the ridiculous 60s movie gets a nod or ten and if you enjoyed The Lego Movie (and if you did not then what the hell is wrong with you, that movie was AWESOME) then this is another 90 minutes to keep you laughing before the Ninjago Movie and The Lego Movie 2 arrive. Essential.


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