NME Awards Bring Yawns – Where are The Rebels?

NME Awards Bring Yawns – Where are The Rebels?


Watched the 1991 documentary The Year Punk Broke last night and then saw the NME Awards winners and wondered just what happened. I mean, i like The 1975 a lot and Mia is cool but nothing is shaking anything up. Listening to Sonic Youth is still like taking a ride in a washing machine, exhilarating one minute and insane the next. Where’s the danger in 2017? Hell, I know that the NME needs an injection but whether that injection is to bring it back to life or let it finally die is still up for discussion. And in case I just sound like an old man screaming at the clouds, my world has Alma, Billie Eilish, Youngr, Muna, Desperate Journalist, Fightmilk, The Wimmins’ Institute, Hannah Golightly, Asking Alexandria and Skating Polly so I am not living in the past, it just seems like the world needs another Nevermind to shake it up. SHUT UP, GRANDAD, WE LOVE DRAKE NOW. Oh well, at least Ed Sheeran doesn’t hold the top two singles and no one is buying the Rag N’Bone Man album. Hang on, wait…WHAT?



One thought on “NME Awards Bring Yawns – Where are The Rebels?

  1. I at least enjoyed Slaves winning something and Ratboy posting videos of his band mate throwing up after a few too many VO5 sponsored champagnes.
    But also, we’re old mate. None of it makes any sense any more!

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