Poem : A Foxcub shawl, Discarded

Poem : A Foxcub shawl, Discarded


I want to curl myself around your petite frame
Like a foxcub shawl, discarded.
I can keep you warm
As you keep me sparkling
Like non-cheap lemonade
But you intoxicate me like the finest wine.
I just want you to be mine.
Not like a possession
It is not cheap obsession.
I just want to lie with you
And laugh with you
And do all the things those happy people do.
You mean as much to me as my favourite album, on repeat.
My library of classics,
My endlessly watched movies,
A favourite shirt.
I run to you like Bryan Adams
Singing songs like Ryan Adams.
You are so beautiful,
You dazzle me with your light.
I can feel my heart beating like an old tin drum,
Faster and faster at the thought of your smile.


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