Justice League Trailer Is Here!

Justice League Trailer Is Here!


Here is the trailer for DC’s forthcoming Justice League movie,which bizarrely leaves out Superman completely. Oh yeah, he is dead i remember. Riiiiight.
Overall, the problem here is that I do not really care about many of the characters. Aquaman is one of those second division characters whose comics you bought because they were always in the bargain bins and Cyborg is, er, who is Cyborg again? The Flash is probably someone that we will like more when the film is out, although it might confuse fans of the TV version, but then again I saw every episode of the nineties version when Sky showed it in prime time, so at least I have some kind of history with the character. And Wonder Woman…Er, does anyone really care about WW? I expect her standalone movie to be DC’s first relative flop, it might make back its money on Blu Ray buys but it is hardly going to be a billion dollar epic.
Truly all this trailer does is make me want an Affleck Batman movie, perhaps with Casey Affleck as The Penguin and Dane DeHaan as The Riddler. Come on Hollywood, Billion dollars there!


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