My First 50 Films Seen In 2017 :

My First 50 Films Seen In 2017 :


When was a kid, I used to get a diary at Christmas and in it I would write down every movie that I watched during the year, the studio that made it, the length and the certificate. Then I would rank it out of four stars – the classic rating system used by a hero of mine, Leonard Maltin.
I was telling this story to my excellent friend Sue in January and she said “You should start doing it again”. It just so happened that my sister had given me two notepads for Xmas – I was using the Vader one for my blood sugar Diabetes results and so the C3P0 one became the film recorder – I didn’t rate them just made a note of everything I watched. Just hit 50 and for those interested in the Kendall taste, here they are – From The Purge to Polanski! 🙂

The Purge : Anarchy
The Purge : Election Year
An Open Secret
La La Land
Nintendo Quest
The Hurt Business
Manchester By The Sea
Green Street 2
Beware The Slenderman
Hidden Figures
Hacksaw Ridge
Hell Or High Water
Dr Strange
1991 : The Year Punk Broke
The LEGO Batman Movie
Ted 2
Get Out
Grudge Match
Silver Linings Playbook
The Lone Ranger
The Heat
Kong : Skull Island
The Guest
This Is 40
Anchorman 2
Trainspotting 2
Beauty And The Beast (2017)
Electric Boogaloo : The Story Of Cannon Films
Cease To Exist
Filmage : The Story Of The Descendents
Curse Of Chucky
The Cure For Wellness
The Fast And The Furious
2 Fast 2 Furious
Cul De Sac


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