Movie Review : Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Movie Review : Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2



Guardians Of The Galaxy is one of my favourite of the Marvel movies and just remember that we now live in a world where two of the biggest film stars are portraying a racoon and a baby tree. God bless America!
Vol. 2 brings back all of your favourites from the first movie along with another storming collection of tunes (Worth the price of admission to see Groot dancing through the chaos? Absolutely) and even adds a number of interesting new characters from literal golden girls to Kurt Russell who absolutely eats up the screen every time he appears.
Perhaps the performance here that will bring great smiles to your face is Dave Bautista as Drax, whose constant one liners and honest rudeness shine throughout.
Chris Pratt is once again super likeable and Michael Rooker is excellent as a returning Yondu. But of course much of the picture belongs to Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel as Rocket and Groot whose teamwork is excellent, even though Baby Groot seems ready to destroy everything at any moment and Rocket is once again stroppy if you call him the R word.
Vol. 2 gives you exactly what you wanted, another two hours in the company of excellent characters in a crazy world doing bigger and more outrageous things. It is not going to win any awards for depth or feeling, but…DID I MENTION THE TALKING RACCOON AND THE DANCING TREE? 🙂

(I Am Groot!)


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