Twin Peaks Makes Slowburning, Beguiling Return :

Twin Peaks Makes Slowburning, Beguiling Return :


I have had mixed feelings since the Twin Peaks return was announced. Initially I thought it might just be a rehash of something that seems perfect as it is and that most of the originals would be missing. But as we got closer and we knew that the original writers were back and best of all David Lynch would be directing, I was counting down the days. Now the clock has struck and we are back in the world we loved. Does it work for a third season. Sey Lleh!
The double episode opening of the new season begins with Laura Palmer telling u that she will see us in 25 years, a very clever reminder of just how much time has passed since we were in this universe. Slowly and surely, it unravels at its own pace, one which will no doubt send new viewers reaching for the remote, whilst us older fans bask in the dark light of the world, one in which we rediscover Cooper, The Log Lady and others that I won’t spoil, but just know that even those who know everything about the universe will be scratching their heads at moments that seem to be all new sections with no connection to the older mythology, but this is merely Lynch at the top of his game, giving us a look, but not a long one, before pulling back the curtain (at times quite literally) and connecting everything back to where we have been, or is it where we are going? It’s exactly what I wanted from a return and I will be getting some damn fine coffee and cherry pie for future episodes, just as I did in the past. Let the mysteries wash over you and you will be rewarded with a superb television event. Just wish my mom was still here to share it with, she was a huge fan of Lynch’s vision too…

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