Movie Review : Spider-Man Homecoming


Spider-Man Homecoming is pure cinematic superhero bubblegum. This is not an insult. Sure, I have loved the super serious comicbook movies (hello Bats/Supes), but occasionally I like to be taken back to the days when my grandmother would take me to the market and I would grab a packet of bubblegum and the latest Spider-Man. Unlike Batman, Spidey was essentially me, an awkward shy geek who knew about webslinging but knew little about school popularity or winning the girls.
Now don’t take this as a shot on how Hollywood has treated the webslinger in this generation – Sam Raimi’s trio were stone cold classics and I liked the chemistry between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Yet, the difference here is that you will spend most of the movie with a smile on your face, either from the one liners or Spidey just doing something incredibly stupid. Which happens often. Spidey is not that serious youth that we saw walking around to slow Emo tunes, he’s just a school kid battling tests and detention as well as mega-villains.
His sidekick, who cannot believe that he gets to hang out with Spider-Man is a humourous character that never overstays his welcome, he is there to remind Peter Parker of what he is, a shy dorky teen who just happens to know Tony Stark.
Props also to Michael Keaton making his return to the comic world (his Batman/Batman Returns double still shines like a star!) as The Vulture, one of those excellent villains who does not just seem to be in it for the power, but because he finds himself at the bottom of the Totem Pole and catches a chance to climb, even if it means flying around in an amazing metal suit.
Add Marisa Tomei as a great Aunt May and the usual funny Stan Lee cameo and you have a great couple of hours of comic fun. And at the end of the day, that’s what we go to these things for, isn’t it?

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