LIVE : Skating Polly, Exeter Cavern


If I am making a list (and I usually am!) of my favourite bands worldwide then Skating Polly would come pretty near the top. I have followed their career for a while but alas have never had the chance to go and see them. Until they announced a gig IN MY TOWN. *faints*
The Cavern Club is the best type of venue for the trio (Kurtis is a recent addition to Kelli and Peyton collective, on stage at least, they are all family off of it), intimate and atmospheric, just like their best songs.
When they hit the stage, the dynamic is instantly recognisable. Peyton is the anchor, all big eyes and massively impressive vocals whereas Kelli is what would happen if you made a Funko Pop of Courtney Love come to life and you fed it too much sherbet. She’s amazing, diving around the stage and sharing her infectious laugh with funny stories between songs. “We were playing with this band and the singer asked ‘what did you have for dinner’ – and there were only about 14 people there!” But during the actual tunes, of which there are soooo many, she is electrified and manic. Amazing.
Any band confident enough to throw out the classic ‘Nothing More Than A Body’ as the second song, better have something good in the tank and luckily, Skating Polly have great track followed by greater track as we get everything from new EP a-side Hail Mary (Which features heroines Veruca Salt on the recorded version which you can stream on Spotify) to the classic Ugly.
Highlights for me were the soaring brilliance of Louder In Outer Space, also from the new EP and my fave Skating Polly song ever, Alabama Movies, which completely blew me away.
In the old days, the two girls would swap instruments and I was not sure if this would still happen now that Kurtis is a part of the show, but later in the set Peyton took to the drums (COWBELL!!!) and Kurtis grabbed the guitar. He is brilliant in this role, diving around mouthing the words and looking like a classic rock star, right down to the Jimmy Page style playing of the guitar with a drumstick, brilliant!
After waiting such a long time to see Skating Polly in the live arena, I was stunned by their sonic brilliance and all round great performance. If you have not encountered Skating Polly yet, then please head to Spotify and check them out and there will also be tour dates with Kate Nash soon which should be a smashing double.
Here I should also mention the awesome Hands Off Gretel, who played their hearts out, in what would in any other circumstances be a headline performance. Their sound is immense, imagine a magical Hole-L7-Babes canvas, filled with brilliant songs like Bad Egg (which has been in my head all day) and My Size and in Lauren Tate, they have one of the best modern performers, diving around the stage, like a firecracker in a baby doll, utterly mesmerising.
So yeah, a fantastic double gig and also I would like to say that the Cavern Club looks great after its recent renovation due to fire and suggest that all local alternative kids support it, so we can get more shows of this calibre in the future.

Oooh, here’s me with Kelli and Peyton! ❤


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