I Finally Saw ‘Fight For Your Life’ :


It is no exaggeration when I say that I have waited half my life to see Fight For Your Life. It has one of the most iconic posters, which was reproduced in every horror encyclopedia that I owned and it appeared on every Video Nasties list that I sent off for from the back of The Dark Side or horror fanzines. Now it has a special place in that it is one of the few Nasties that is still not available in this country, officially.
Fight For Your Life is essentially a revenge pic, the brother/sister of films such as Last House On The Left as you cheer the innocents who have been pushed too far and fight back. Yet unlike Last House, there really is not a great deal of violence here, bar a shocking killing of a kid with a rock which still disturbs today. No, the main reason for the ban is the language, yes, Fight For Your Life is banned for racist terms which cannot possibly be edited out, for there are so many of them.
The story sees three fugitives holed up in the house of a black family, who are showered with abuse from the leader of the gang. This is indeed shocking and not something that would ever be heard in a film in 2017. But is it enough to still keep the film banned? I mean, surely if there is a documentary or an intro explaining the historical context of the language, then Fight For Your Life could take its rightful place back on the shelf of exploitation classics where it belongs.

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