Poem – Ballad Of An Illuminated Heart :

Poem – Ballad Of An Illuminated Heart :


No intention of falling
But I tripped on your smile.
Felt my still life sparkle
Every time you were by my side.
You’re sunshine made flesh
I want no other
Nothing could fill me with colour
The way you do.
Now I believe one can be two.

Poem – The ‘Freedom’ Of Linda K.

Poem – The ‘Freedom’ Of Linda K.


Oh Linda Kasabian,
Siding with the pigs you berated.
Standing up for the people you hated.
Some say it was bravery,
But you were in on the crimes,
You were there to do the devil’s work
And only became an angel
When the prison started calling.
So where has your freedom got you?
Existing in the darkness
A false name, a bad wig
Black sunglasses in the nighttime.
Send your excuses to the grave,
You’re as guilty as the next
But Atkins can still look in the mirror
Without the cheap shades and emptiness.
Heroes and villains,
Never learn not to love?
You learned and you sold us all down the river
But we can swim, Linda.

Xbox One : Cuphead – First Reaction :

Xbox One : Cuphead – First Reaction :


Oh Cuphead, you beautiful devil! I have been waiting for this game for so long that there was always a danger that it would disappoint once it finally released on Xbox One (This afternoon at 2pm! Very specific!) but no, Cuphead is as joyous and as challenging as I had wished for.
It is a classic platform adventure in the style of the best, imagine the first time you played Mario 3, or Sonic 2 or Super Ghouls And Ghosts, the heavyweights of the division, these are the classics that Cuphead brings to mind on first play. Perhaps Game Boy Duck Tales is the best comparison, a game that you frequently chucked down shouting “This is impossible!” before picking it up again and try try trying again, until the seemingly impassable level reveals its secrets and you jump jump jump correctly and dodge dodge dodge quickly, learning the patterns is the key to success here. And also avoiding the swear jar!
Our first encounter was with an angry root vegetable, this did not seem too tricky once I learned the patterns of its shots but when it died, it was not the end, oh no, a giant pissed off carrot appeared and a third eye produced waves which rained down on you to mix with the tiny carrots already taking your life. Amazing. Following this, a pair of pugilist frogs (how much of a Kendall classic, is this?) throw weapons at you, working together to ensure death is just around the corner especially when they bring out the roll of doom, meaning jumping at the right time and not landing on the other frog who has other attacks ready. Talk about breaking a sweat and this was literally just the beginning.
Cuphead is pretty as a picture and tough as Brando. Like the classics, all I want to do s immerse myself in its world and beat everything there is to beat. Luckily I have a week off from Sunday so me and Cuphead and Mugman (yes, really) are going to become very well acquainted. Best get some change for the swear jar. ❤

‘It’ Becomes The Biggest Horror Of All Time :

‘It’ Becomes The Biggest Horror Of All Time :


As geeks we often look at flops and crunch the numbers and laugh at films that cost hundreds of millions falling by the wayside. But the thing is, we are losing when these massive movies fail, as all it will mean is that studios only release things which are guaranteed hits, another Transformers here, another Fast And Furious there.
So let’s flip it for once and celebrate something doing well. It only seems like yesterday that me and Sue, my Stephen King friend, were discussing whether or not It was going to be a hit. I said it should catch the imagination of the audience. Should, not would, I can never seem to foreshadow what audiences will draw towards. Yet now, It has become THE BIGGEST HORROR MOVIE OF ALL TIME. Yes, really, so far from a budget of 35 million, the Stephen King epic has taken $499,014,366 worldwide. Not bad, Pennywise, not bad. 🙂

Top 10 Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 28/09/17

Top 10 Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 28/09/17


1. Into The Fire – Asking Alexandria

2. In The Beginning EP – Fxxk Explosion

3. The Man – The Killers

4. I Only Fucked You As A Joke – Childbirth

5. You And Only You – The Anchoress (Ft. Paul Draper)

6. Send Away The Tigers – Manic Street Preachers

7. Up All Night – Slaughter

8. Wildside – Motley Crue

9. Are You Blue Or Are You Blind? – The Bluetones

10. Rainbow Connection – Kermit T. Frog