‘It’ Becomes The Biggest Horror Of All Time :


As geeks we often look at flops and crunch the numbers and laugh at films that cost hundreds of millions falling by the wayside. But the thing is, we are losing when these massive movies fail, as all it will mean is that studios only release things which are guaranteed hits, another Transformers here, another Fast And Furious there.
So let’s flip it for once and celebrate something doing well. It only seems like yesterday that me and Sue, my Stephen King friend, were discussing whether or not It was going to be a hit. I said it should catch the imagination of the audience. Should, not would, I can never seem to foreshadow what audiences will draw towards. Yet now, It has become THE BIGGEST HORROR MOVIE OF ALL TIME. Yes, really, so far from a budget of 35 million, the Stephen King epic has taken $499,014,366 worldwide. Not bad, Pennywise, not bad. 🙂

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