Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 30/10/17 :

Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 30/10/17 :


1. Theme From Halloween – Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

2. What’s This? – Fall Out Boy

3. Halloween – Helloween

4. Weekend Woman – Weezer

5. Beach Boys – Weezer

6. I Get Around – Beach Boys

7. Coconut – Harry Nilsson

8. Love To Love – The Monkees

9. Who’s Wearing The Trousers? – Paul Draper

10. Yes – Manic Street Preachers

Check Out Vice’s Excellent Feature On The Ultimate Warrior Controversy :

Check Out Vice’s Excellent Feature On The Ultimate Warrior Controversy :


Recently, the WWE has been using the name of the Ultimate Warrior to promote its commendable campaign to beat cancer, with his widow Dana Warrior (yes, his actual name was changed to Warrior) appearing on WWE programming to promote it. Yet, Ultimate Warrior has a checkered past, I remember him saying a lot of slightly off colour things which might make him less of a role model than, say, The Rock.
Now Warrior is dead and gone and so cannot defend himself but it seems strange that someone who spoke so horrifically about Bobby Heenan’s cancer is celebrated weekly whilst Hulk Hogan was thrown to the wolves.
Read Vice’s excellent article here :

CD : Weezer – Pacific Daydream

CD : Weezer – Pacific Daydream


Weezer really sound like they are having fun on this 34 minutes of pure pop joy, it seems Rivers Cuomo has been injecting pure Beach Boys, hell he even named a song after the best American band of all time.
The fanbase of Weezer is very strange, fans tend to drift in and out, complaining that the band is not doing what they want it to. I’m guessing these people would also complain if they just gave us the same thing over and over. You know what I do, knowing that I am not the biggest fan of Raditude, for example? I don’t listen to it. There is so much to love in the back catalogue of this band, the Blue, Red, Green and White albums are incredible, Pinkerton is PERFECT (yes, i’m one of ‘those people), Make Believe is a great punch into the heart of the mainstream and now it seems Rivers has unleashed his pop monster and IT’S ALIVE.
Mexican Fender you probably already know and Beach Boys is already one of my fave Weezer tracks of all time, it’s great to put on a tape for a girl to be followed by The Beach Boys, which I’m sure Rivers would take as a compliment.
Happy Hour references Stevie Ray Vaughn and scientists in sweat pants, you don’t get that from Liam Gallagher, right?
Weekend Woman claims “How was I supposed to know the ABCs of love?” which might be the most Cuomo lyric ever. It’s the perfect song of yearning for a girl too far away, which is essentially what Weezer are for for anyone who has investigated further than dancing drunkenly to Buddy Holly.
“I’ll be missing you like oxygen” – another classic Rivers line, the whole record is a great big love fest and if you miss it you are missing the warmest hug of a record you may hear all year.
And brilliantly at only 34 minutes you can play it over and over and over and…