Movie Review : Coco


Ahoy there, Pixar! What delights do you have for us? With the heavyweight thrills that they have gifted us in the past, I always expect the latest to be not quite as good, but then again and again they reach delightful heights. Welcome to Coco…
Coco is a beautiful paean to remembrance, love and the power of music. It has many many serious elements at work, but if you just want to see it as the hilarious adventures of a boy and a bunch of skeletons, it allows that too. Miguel finds himself in the land of the dead, where he discovers old family members that he recognises (even though they have no skin now, don’t take your super young kids to this) from photos in his home and he tries to make it back into the land of the living.
Telling more would give away some of the greatest gags and twists and turns on display, but the important thing is he is born into a family that forbids music, but his only dream is to play the guitar like his hero. Alongside a stupidly funny dog called Dante (get it? Clever), he tries to follow his dream rather than get caught up in his family’s show business.
The dead scenes here are hilarious and touching in equal measure, there is a lot of Tim Burton at work here and you will often be reminded of Burton’s The Corpse Bride, another tale with music in its soul. Actually that is one of the oddest things here, for a movie that bases its whole story around music and rhythm, there are only a few standout song moments, far less than your average Disney movie at least, but when the Mexican fiesta is in full flow, you will no doubt have a smile on your face and a song in your heart.
Coco is a great, visually impressive tale bursting with feeling and surprise. Go see.


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