Visit The Hulkster’s New Store, Brother!


I don’t often think about how much wrestling I watch, just that it is a lot – 3hrs of Raw, 2hrs of Smackdown, 1hr of NXT every week. Add in NJPW PPVs and specials, Being The Elite and the endless delights of the WWE Network and, well, I’m a big fan.
I’m also a big fan of wrestling merch, whether it be my red NWO shirt or my cherished Cody Rhodes American Nightmare/Bullet Club shirt.
Now my favourite wrestler of all time, the leader of the NWO and the best WWF (as was) champion ever, Hulk Hogan, has opened up a store on selling a good range of merchandise, whether you are looking for the classic red and yellow incarnation or the Hollywood black and white, you will find it here. Getting my wardrobe ready, Brother!…:)

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