Quote, Unquote : Albert Camus

Quote, Unquote : Albert Camus


“Love is the kind of illness that does not spare the intelligent or the dull.”

Poem – Heart Of Fire :

Poem – Heart Of Fire :


Do you feel the smallest pang of regret
When you think of me sitting on my bed
With a new lover
Listening to Waterparks in the dark?

Do you feel the smallest pang of jealousy
Thinking of her singing the words to me
Aping the moves from the ‘Blonde’ video
As she runs her hand through my newly bleached hair?

If there is the tiniest part of you
That wants to return,
Your key will still work
I’ll make you coffee
And we can sit by the stereo
With Low and Heroes
And our lips will brush
Like Da Vinci strokes.

I’m yours for the taking,
She’s nothing but a lilo
Saving me from drowning
But you’re the wave I still want to surf.

WATERPARKS Get The Cover Treatment :

WATERPARKS Get The Cover Treatment :


WATERPARKS? Did someone say WATERPARKS? I have been spinning Entertainment constantly since release and it is a My-Chemical-Romance-partying-with-Duran-Duran style treat.
Now my fave recent band gets an awesome cover with the new issue of Rock Sound championing Awsten Knight as well as As It Is’ Patty.
Go! Get! It!

Rock Sound Issue 237.1 – Patty Walters & Awsten Knight

MOVIE REVIEW : Black Panther

MOVIE REVIEW : Black Panther


Writing about Black Panther is harder than any other super hero movie in the Marvel Universe. People want you to talk about the message and about the societal themes and blahblahblah. That is not me being glib, I know how important this film is in terms of what is being reflected on the screen, but that did not mean that I did not just enjoy it as just another chapter in the Marvel story. There are some cool effects, an awesome soundtrack and two villains who steal the show outright. Ironically, probably the least effective thing here is Black Panther himself, he just doesn’t have much to him – he is no Iron Man, no Dr Strange and Captain America is certainly not going to lose any sleep over him. Luckily the film is filled with ‘lesser’ characters who fill the screen with joy, iconography and kick ass sequences, so much so that perhaps you wonder if they might have done better calling it Wakanda and focus on the beautiful environments and side quests rather than pinning it all on perhaps the least memorable character.
Wakanda is a little strange, aaaand here we go into the sociopolitical messages – Wakanda hides itself from the world to protect itself, keeping its riches and technology from those outside. Now this sounds very much like Elysium, where the rich had their own paradise kept away from what they considered the lesser people. Of course that film was pure SJW garbage, but noone I have read has thrown the accusation at BP that it is essentially the same situation. I’m throwing it. Surely what is in Wakanda could be used to cure AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, the holy trinity, but instead it is kept in Q style laboratories for their own personal use. If this was rich white dudes, the SJWs would be screaming blue murder, so I think it only fair that I bring it up. I’m not a racist, Internet comment boys!
BACK TO THE FILM!!!! Andy Serkis is amazing, Angela Bassett is graceful and strong and Lupita Nyong’o lights up the screen. Bonus points to Michael B. Jordan who is a classic Marvel villain and chews up the screen throughout, incredible, I would love to see him alongside the Guardians Of The Galaxy, giving Rocket a run for his raccoony magic.
Black Panther is no Winter Soldier, Dr Strange or Spider-Man Homecoming, but you will not regret spending 2 hours in his company and I look forward to seeing him in future ensemble movies.
Something, something politics. JUST WATCH THE FILM. IT’S GOOD.