My Fave Albums Of All Time, The Ultimate List :


So, last week I decided to try and put together a Top 100 Albums Ever list, but I hit that number and had forgotten this band or that band, so I continued until I felt happy with it. Now I think these are all the records that made me who I am, but chances are tomorrow I will remember another and another and the whole thing will need starting again, but hey, who doesn’t love a list? The only rule is that each band can only have 3 entries, but solo records are fine. They are in alphabetical, but if you wanna know, Pet Sounds and The Holy Bible are the kings of Kendallworld. Enjoy! ❤

Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
Beach Boys – Smile
Beach Boys – 50 Big Ones
The Beatles – The Beatles
The Beatles – Help!
The Beatles – Red
The Bluetones – Expecting To Fly
The Bluetones – Luxembourg
Blur – Modern Life Is Rubbish
Blur – Parklife
Blur – The Great Escape
Brian McFadden – Irish Son
Busted – Busted
Busted – Night Driver
Catatonia – Way Beyond Blue
Catatonia – International Velvet
Charles Manson – Lie
Cobra Starship – Viva La Cobra!
Cobra Starship – Hot Mess
Cobra Starship – While The City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets
David Bowie – Low
David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
Debbie Gibson – Out Of The Blue
Dennis Wilson – Pacific Ocean Blue
Dream Theater – Metropolis Part II : Scenes From A Memory
Duffy – Duffy (Stephen, not the Welsh lady)
Duran Duran – Medazzaland
Duran Duran – Decade
Guns N Roses – Appetite For Destruction
Guns N Roses – Lies
Guns N Roses – Use Your Illusion I
James Dean Bradfield – The Great Western
Jason Donovan – Ten Good Reasons
JJ72 – JJ72
Jonas Brothers – Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers – A Little Bit Longer
Jonas Brothers – Lines, Vines And Trying Times
Joy Division – Closer
Joy Division – Substance
Keith TOTP – Fuck You, I’m Keith TOTP
KISS – Destroyer
KISS – Double Platinum
KISS – Unmasked
Korn – Issues
The Libertines – Up The Bracket
The Libertines – The Libertines
Love/Hate – Blackout In The Red Room
Madonna – Like A Virgin
Madonna – True Blue
Madonna – Like A Prayer
Manic Street Preachers – The Holy Bible
Manic Street Preachers – Everything Must Go
Manic Street Preachers – Know Your Enemy
Mansun – Six
Mansun – Little Kix
Mansun – Kleptomania
Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar
Marilyn Manson – Mechanical Animals
Marion – This World And Body
Marion – The Program
Mark Ronson – Here Comes The Fuzz
Menswe@r – Nuisance
Menswe@r – Hay Tiempo
Metallica – Metallica
Metallica – Master Of Puppets
Metallica – And Justice For All
Monkees – Head
Monkees – Good Times
Motley Crue – Theater Of Pain
Motley Crue – Girls, Girls, Girls
Motley Crue – Dr Feelgood
Muncie Girls – From Caplan To Belsize
My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade
My Chemical Romance – Danger Days
New Kids On The Block – Hangin’ Tough
New Kids On The Block – Step By Step
New Kids On The Block – No More Games
New Order – Brotherhood
New Order – Technique
New Order – Republic
Nirvana – Nevermind
Nirvana – In Utero
Nirvana – Incesticide
NWA – Straight Outta Compton
Orlando – Passive Soul
Pearl Jam – Ten
Pearl Jam – Vs
Pink Floyd – The Wall
Public Enemy – It Takes A Nation Of Millions
Public Enemy – Fear Of A Black Planet
Pulp – His And Hers
Pulp – Different Class
Pulp – This Is Hardcore
Queen – A Night At The Opera
Queen – A Day At The Races
Queensryche – Operation Mindcrime
Queensryche – Empire
Queensryche – Operation Mindcrime II
Radiohead – Pablo Honey
Radiohead – The Bends
Radiohead – OK Computer
REM – Document
REM – Green
The Rocks – Asking For Trouble
Rooney – Rooney
Ryan Adams – Gold
Ryan Adams – Love Is Hell
Ryan Adams And The Cardinals – Jacksonville City Nights
Scott Walker – Scott 2
Scott Walker – Scott 3
Scott Walker – Scott 4
Sex, Lies And Death – The Silent Majority
Skid Row – Skid Row
Skid Row – Slave To The Grind
Slaughter – Stick It To Ya
Slaughter – The Wild Life
The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead
The Smiths – Strangeways Here We Come
The Smiths – Singles
Special Needs – Funfairs And Heartbreak
Stephen Tin Tin Duffy – The Ups And Downs
Suede – Suede
Suede – Dogmanstar
Suede – Coming Up
Thunder – Back Street Symphony
Thurman – Lux
Tiger – We Are Puppets
U2 – Achtung Baby
U2 – Zooropa
Various Artists – Pump Up The Volume, Official Soundtrack
Various Artists – Singles, Official Soundtrack
Various Artists – The Beavis And Butthead Experience
Warrior Soul – Drugs God And The New Republic
Ween – Chocolate And Cheese
Weezer – Blue
Weezer – Pinkerton
Weezer – Maladroit
White Trash – White Trash
The Who – Tommy
The Who – Quadrophenia


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