Manic Street Preachers + The Anchoress = Another Classic Single


Holy fvck, what a gloriously beautiful piece of work. AGAIN. It starts slow but then kicks in with a Motown flavour similar to their stomping cover of Out Of Time. The tune might be upbeat but the lyrics cut deep as usual “The words don’t cover the scars anymore, the tears last longer than before.” OUCH.
The song is about Dylan Thomas and his wife Caitlin, because this is Manic Street Preachers and they will always have one foot in the library and one in the heart and this is a direct hit, beautiful and agonising, another classic guest vocalist in Catherine Anne Davies, AKA The Anchoress, who not only shines here but co-wrote Paul Draper’s Spooky Action and tours with Simple Minds, so she’s a superstar worthy of her place in the grand Manics plan.
Awesome, song three, three hits, this perhaps the best of them. Welcome back fellas. ❤



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