Cool Movie Posters : Truth Or Dare


Holy Sh!t, I cannot wait for Truth Or Dare! I had been hearing buzz about its ‘darkness’ and its ‘sickness’ and it looks like a classic 70’s rollercoaster ride, TCM style and you cannot give a bigger recommendation than that UNLESS your film also features two of my favourite movie icons, the fantastic Ryan Kiser who lest we forget (I didn’t forget) is the best screen Manson ever and Devanny Pinn who portrayed Susan Atkins with such a mix of beautiful seduction and feminine power. TICKET PLEASE.

*EDIT* So the reason that I did not know two of my fave actors were in a big buzz movie is that the new Truth Or Dare is a pg-13 thing with no one I know and this little monster is already a few years old which means I must find it right now! RIGHT NOW, I TELLS YA.


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