WWE – Why Going To Saudi Arabia Sends A Bad Message & Kills The ‘Women’s Evolution’ :


If you have been watching NXT/Raw/Smackdown over the last couple of years, you will be fully familiar with the WWE’s Women’s Evolution/Revolution. Gone are the days of the Divas matches being the time you would skip the DVD or go and get coffee during live television shows. Bra and panties matches are gone, no mud wrestling at events, now the ladies have the same exciting hard hitting matches as the men and it is no longer a surprise to see a females match at the top of the PPV card. Stephanie McMahon must be applauded for this, as well as Triple H and of course Vince who signs off on every storyline or angle.
So…having praised those three, they now must take the blame for the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia. All of the shows have been crowing about this for weeks, almost as if it is as important as the recent Wrestlemania and whilst this massive house show is getting all the press, our Backlash PPV is only 2 weeks away and matches are just mentioned in between those long promos for S.A. So what is my problem with this event? Well, after all the bleating about the women being equal to the men on the card, we now get a show WITH NO FEMALE TALENT. Wha? Yes, it is tradition in that country for the women to be disrespected, they have only just been given the right to drive and any girls who wish to come to the live event, must be accompanied by a male. Wha? Oh and did I mention that they also legalise against homosexuality? Yep, death sentence, right there. It is a country living in the dark ages and by going there and taking their almighty dollar, WWE is complicit in the keeping down of women. What they should have done is refused the money, then let the world know that they do not agree with the traditions of the country and will not return until things are better for everyone. Hence, Vince, Trips and Steph become bigger heroes in the eyes of the fans, rather than the dollar-eyed vultures that this makes them look.

And from a simple wrestling point of view, after all of the gritty and disgusting politics, the Royal Rumble is the second most important PPV of the year and my personal favourite and making it bigger for this ‘select’ (AKA massive paying – the government, not the audience, tickets are under three dollars US!)) audience ruins the magic of the tradition. Thirty men. They tried it with 40 once and it was a complete failure. Have a 50 man Battle Royal by all means, but don’t water down Pat Patterson’s original vision – especially as, being homosexual, the Hall Of Famer would not be welcome by the government that Vince is bowing to impress. FAIL.

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