Boo To The Kick-Ass Reboot…Yay To Kingsmen 3 :


WHY HOLLYWOOD WHY? Part 2392 : Why are they remaking Kick-Ass? Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a hater of the series, I saw both movies in the cinema and absolutely loved them, but it was so recent that I cannot imagine why hey would want to do it all again instead of just giving us a third film in the series. I know this is slightly hypocritical when I am praising the reboot of Halloween, which was already rebooted once, but hey, that is the best thing about being a blogger, you make the rules and I say it is too early to reboot Kick-Ass, okay?
In better Mark Millar news, Kingsman 3 has now been confirmed and I cannot wait to spend more time in that universe. See, some good news at the end there! 🙂


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