Movie Review – Hereditary (SPOILER FREE) :


This is a very tough review to write, not because I am not one hundred percent sure on my view of the picture, it is excellent, but I don’t want to give away anything – I managed to only watch the first trailer and then decided to stay blind, which is the way I would suggest you do it, so don’t reply with spoilers please, thank you very much! πŸ™‚
So, Hereditary follows three generations of one family, the film opening with the death of the grandmother and the early scenes show how different members of the family deal with this tragedy, from the youngest daughter who wonders who will look after her, to the mother who has mixed emotions, from feeling to feeling guilty. Further events which I will not mention continue to push stress on a group who all break in their own ways and there are four interesting stories here.
The pace of Hereditary might be a little much for some people, if you are looking for fast paced action then this is definitely not one for you – the way that the film has been hailed as the new Exorcist is right in this case, I know many people who cannot watch my fave horror of all time as they just find it deathly slow before all the pea soup shenanigans occur. Other films that remind me of the style here are The Innocents and Rosemary’s Baby, so yes, this is an old fashioned horror tale, also bringing to mind the works of Edgar Allen Poe and you cannot give more of a compliment than that to a horror tale, can you?
Special mention to Toni Collette here, this is Best Actress good. Her past roles might make you expect light heartedness, but this is very far away from anything she has every done and every scene she is in is brightened/darkened by her epic performance.
Annnd, that is all I want to tell you. Go in blind and wallow in the atmosphere. I cannot wait for my second visit, knowing what to look out for and nodding knowingly while the first timers just get freaked out! πŸ™‚


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