WWE 2K19 – Now With Added Flair :


I’ve gotta start out by saying that, despite being a ridiculously massive fan of wrestling, I have grown tired of the 2K wrestling games over the years – when THQ had the licence, I used to be able to sit down and play all night, no problem, whereas now all the matches seem drawn out and it doesnt tell such great stories as the career modes used to back in the halcyon days of the PS2.
Having said that, being a huge mark for Ric Flair, this collectors edition has me drooling.
The WOOOOO! Edition (brilliant) includes the bonus characters of Rey Mysterio and Ronda Rousey and a season pass for all forthcoming extra content, a replica Hall Of Fame ring, a piece of one of Flair’s robes and an exclusive Funko Pop figure.
The bad news? Despite being 129 dollars in the States, GAME is currently pricing the WOOOOO edition at 139 pounds over here. Gulp.



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