Salad Announce ‘The Selfishness Of Love’ Single :


Britpop seems to have a bad name these days, usually associated with Oasis lad culture, but at the time it consisted of each week bringing us exciting new music. Marijne from Salad was my favourite MTV VJ at the time and so I was interested to hear ‘Kent’ and it blew my mind with it’s pop snarl and guitar brilliance. From then on, I collected every single, any format that featured new songs joined the Kendall party, Salad were one of those bands, like The Smiths and Suede, where the b-sides were at least as good as the lead track and live they were awesome too and I pretty much wore out my bright orange Salad shirt with the duck face on the back!
This is not just a nostalgic look back at one of my favourite bands though, oh no, this is all about the future and the excellent news that the new Salad single ‘The Selfishness Of Love’ will be released on November 9th. Expect pop genius now with the guitar thrills and backing vocals of Charley Fvcking Stone too! More Kendall joy! There is already a pre-announced tour (November 14th, London Islington O2/November 15th, O2 Academy, Oxford/November 16th-19th, Butlins Minehead) so it is quite a busy and exciting time in Salad land right now and it is a joy to have them back. ❤



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