Trailer Reaction – Pet Sematary :


Just don’t mention Zelda, don’t do it, I will never sleep again!
Yes, I am already scared of getting reacquainted with one of the scariest movie moments ever, I’m fine with all the hoodoo voodoo coming back to life things but that just freaks me out.
And so to the trailer to the remake of my favourite Stephen King tale. Does it need remaking? That is a pointless question because this exists whether you like it or not, I’m fine with a new version this far away from the original classic and John Lithgow seems especially right for this.
The key moments in the trailer for me are not the spooky cat in the road or the dark foreboding of where the story is going, but the early happy family scenes of them seeing their new house for the first time and you feel the kids’ excitement, just as a truck speeds past and you remember what is about to happen. That light and dark seems to be captured perfectly, so I am all in for this. You?


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