MSP – This Is My Reissue, Tell Me Yours :


I can tell you exactly where I was when This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours was released, I was in Cardiff seeing Manic Street Preachers. Not a live gig (although I have been at 54 of them, I counted!) but a signing session at the long lost Cardiff Virgin Megastore. I had been to the University to see Embrace/Delakota earlier in the evening, for the second time that week, awesome and then travelled back into the centre for the midnight opening. Got in at 3.30 AM, gave them all postcards and a demo of our band because OF COURSE I DID and then went back to the Ibis to listen to the new record.
My truth is that this is not one of my faves, I put it above Rewind The Film, Postcards From A Young Man and Resistance Is Futile and it has some excellent treats (The Everlasting, Black Dog, You’re Tender) but I don’t class it with the classics, but then this is only because their best is so great, maybe if another band had released it, it would be a fave. If that makes sense?
So now we get a 3 disc version of the record. Strangely there do not seem to be any ‘lost’ tracks but it does come with plenty of rehearsal versions of the classics and the biggest difference is that ‘Prologue To History’, not only one of their great b-sides, but one of their great songs has now been given a place on the record, in place of Nobody Loved You. Which is kinda strange. Kinda awesome, but I want both songs on there because I am greedy, but then I can Spotify playlist whatever I want so it seems foolish to complain. But complain we do, FMF! 
The b-sides are exceptional for this album, better than the actual album in fact, Valley Boy, Black Holes For The Young, Buildings For Dead People, Autumn/Montana/78, hell even the titles are more Manics than ever! I used to have a Japanese CD (thanks Dad!) and over there, Black Holes was on the record at launch, so I wonder if Sophie Ellis-Bextor might pop up on the tour. Oh yes, there’s a tour.
I don’t really agree with these Album In Full tour things, I like being surprised by what is next instead of having a list before I go. It makes sense with a concept/idea like The Holy Bible but anything else, I would prefer a ‘celebration’ tour, where all the songs are played but throughout the set. Anyhoo there are no tour dates down here and not the usual trip to Mecca to see them at the Cardiff International (No new name, NO!) and hey, I saw them a million times on the original tour, so just let the boys do what they will! ❤

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  1. I’m still not sure about the switch of songs… I love Prologue To History, obviously, but I never thought that it felt like a song from that album… there’s a difference in tone and sound which sets it apart for me. Having said that I’d be more in favour of chucking I’m Not Working or SYMM for it.

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