TV Review – The Insatiable Ones :


I remember discovering my darling mother’s records & being astounded that The Beach Boys and The Beatles existed in the same time frame and dreaming of having such a thing in my g-g-generation. Then Manic Street Preachers and Suede crashed into my consciousness and we got classic single after classic single and the best b-sides ever. My best friend had a totally awesome Brett fringe and my girlfriend loved her pink GayAnimalSex shirt and i was king after a front row encounter with Brett where I acquired part of his lace shirt. I shared with the girl I loved, sure, but other people pleading got them nowhere.

If you had told that young Kendall that one day this bunch of glittering fops would get an in-depth South Bank style documentary, he would never have believed it but here we are, The Insatiable Ones. The doc follows the usual talking heads format, Maconie is always welcome as well as the darling Justine Frischmann telling great tales of her time in the band. The secret weapon here is that Simon Gilbert taped everything they did so you can see the progression from young dreamers to Brett’s junk habit, nothing censored.

And then there is the music. Four of my favourite albums ever – A New Morning gets disowned by Brett, I always think I will find something in it one day but so far, nope – and a collection of glorious singles that sound as good today as they did, gulp, 25 years ago.

Suede, still the litter on the breeze. 🎶😍🎶

(Available now on Sky Arts/Now TV)

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