R.I.P. Gloria Katz :


You might not know the name, but Gloria Katz was responsible for some of every geek’s fave movie moments. If you are looking for timeless Oscar material, Katz was behind the typewriter for the classic American Graffiti. 80’s cults? How about Best Defense, the seemingly lost Eddie Murphy vehicle? Katz. Temple Of Doom? Katz. Aiding Lucas to make Leia the grrrl we all loved? Katz. And for me, one of the most Kendall films ever – Howard : A New Breed Of Hero, or as our beloved American cousins knew it, Howard The Duck. I remember going to the cinema on the Saturday and being so taken that little Kendall persuaded his parents to take me again on week one and my Dad to take me again week two. That means more than this generation’s Metacritic score.

Thanks for the memories! Godspeed, bet you and Stan Lee are having quite the party. ❤


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