The PlayStation Classic Is Now A Bargain :


When the PlayStation Classic was announced, gamers everywhere were excited to play the old iconic PSone titles, with players ready to revisit Parappa, Crash, Spyro, Tomb Raider et al. Then we got the games list and that 90 quid pricepoint did not look so welcome.

Whilst the NES/SNES classic minis continue to sell, the PlayStation has been met with apathy and anger at the game selection and sits unloved on the shelves of every store. So, Sony has slashed the price and you can now pick up the console for under fifty notes, which seems like a bargain, even if half the games remain untouched. £50 for Final Fantasy VII, Mr Driller, Persona, Wild Arms, Resident Evil, Ridge Racer Type 4 and Super Puzzle Fighter II? That’ll do pig, that’ll do.


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