‘Happy’ 25th To The Holy Bible :

25 years ago today, i went to the shop at exactly 9am (okay, I got there at, like, five to, because…Kendall Lacey) to pick up THE HOLY BIBLE by MANIC STREET PREACHERS. And so began a love affair with that record that has not dimmed, I am sure I have listened to it every week since it came out and no one has come close to the lyrical genius of Richard James Edwards and Nicky Wire on this record. Astounding. “So we have finished the record, it has songs about prostitution, anorexia, the holocaust, the death penalty, self harm and, wait, wait, where are you going?” Props to Sony for allowing the band the freedom and also paying for the adverts in the center of both music weeklies to be just the lyrics of the whole album printed out. A one off record, a one off band.


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