AEW – Cracker Barrel Clash Set To Steal The Show At All Out :

What a time it is to be a wrestling fan, from Evolve and Progress up to the big boys at NJPW and WWE, there is something for everyone.

And what’s that coming over the hill? All Elite Wrestling, 3 great shows in and ready to go weekly. But first…All Out. The return to Chicago has The Young Bucks going against the Lucha Bros, this time in a ladder match, that I expect to rival the classic Hardys/Dudleys tussles from back in the day – big words, sure, but these are the best two tag teams in the world right now, so I stand by my statement. Kenny Omega, my favourite wrestler in the world will take on Pac (Neville) in what should be a fast paced classic with Omega eventually getting the W.

The match I am most looking forward to is the mouth watering Cracker Barrel Clash with Jimmy Havoc, Jimmy Fvcking Havoc, taking on Darby Allin & Joey Janela. These are 3 wrestlers that I would watch no matter the opponent, but against each other? Darkness. Spots. Blood. Match Of The Weekend. Allin wins.

Moment of the weekend will, of course, be the ring return of CM Punk. What? No confirmation? Ooooookay, IF that happens I will pop like a giant pan of corn on a hot griddle. But even without (come oooooon) that, this show should be a doozy. Just stock up on plasters before your husband’s match, Brandi!

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