Jonas Brothers / Diplo Release Surprise Single!!!

2019 & not only are Jonas Brothers back together, they are still at the top of their fvcking game. Now, something new…

Earlier this week, it appeared Diplo had hacked the JoBros Instagram account, posting pics of ‘the original Jonas Brothers’ (Hanson!) and essentially being a jerk. Fandom almost melted Twitter, before the announcement of a joint single revealed the v. clever hoax.

Aaaand, because the world works soooo fast, that song released TODAY. Lonely is actually Diplo’s new country ‘character’ Thomas Wesley, the inverted commas are there as Thomas Wesley is actually the dance star’s real name and this is a pet project as he grew up loving country. Count me in, this sounds like a song from Lines, Vines & Trying Times and i don’t have many bigger compliments!

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