Quote, Unquote – ekm :

“Stand up, and take a break from work.  Walk away from the computer.  Grab someone – preferably someone who seriously does not give a shit, please – and tell them you’re forcing them to become part of my bizarre social experiment.  Don’t think about the film; don’t get your thoughts together.  Just say: There’s this asshole named ekm, and he asked me to torture you.  Now stand there and casually eyeball the available exits while I stammer my way through what is probably going to be a wildly confusing, inaccurate retelling of BATMAN & ROBIN.  So, I think it starts in a museum.  Yeah, it starts in a museum.  So Batman and Robin show up and there’s some ice skating, and then…wait, who called Security?  Hey!  Hey, let go of me!  I wasn’t doing anything wrong!  I’m celebrating the work of an Academy Award-winning screenwriter!  Ow, you broke my arm!  Who knew a parking lot could hurt so badly when you enter it face-first?  Guess it’s time to find new employment; maybe Arbys has a bathroom that needs cleaning?  Hey!  WHO LET THE AIR OF OUT OF MY TIRES?”

Read ekm’s brilliant piece on Batman & Robin at –


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