Zoe Kravitz Is Catwoman In ‘The Batman’ :

I should admit to not knowing the name Zoe Kravitz when my Twitterfeed was blowing up today, but her CV shows her geek credentials are A+++.

She has history in both the Marvel & DC universes, portraying Mary Jane in the excellent Into The Spider-Man and starring in X-Men First Class as well as a first punt as Catwoman in the LEGO Batman Movie. She’s also in both Fantastic Beasts movies, Mad Max Fury Road & you want cool art creds? She starred in Adam Green’s Aladdin & will soon be headlining the High Fidelity TV reboot.

The big question now is…will we see a Joker return for The Batman too? Given Joaquin’s genius (again) and the massive box office, don’t be surprised if Hollywood cracks open its cheque book. I’m calling it. 🤡


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