The Best Charles Manson Film Gets Re-Titled & Reissued In The UK :

Since Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, many people have asked me many questions about Charles Manson & the best books/films to watch on the subject, knowing that I have studied hard & delved deep into the story before it was as easy as just typing MANSON into Google. And in answer to the outrage I sometimes get for ‘obsessing’ over such a dark time, I (as often) quote Richey James Edwards – “Some people can’t read American Psycho, I can’t watch sport.”

So, who depicted Charlie best on the big screen? My answer is always Ryan Kiser in House Of Manson, rather than the kooky cartoon act, Kiser shows a calm mesmerising character, who pulls you in like the real thing did the Family.The best Susan Atkins? Devanny Pinn in House Of Manson, catching you in her web just as the real thing did when instigating Helter Skelter, beautiful one second, commanding & chilling the next.

Now, those who missed out on House Of Manson the first time can catch it in a re-issued edition, now titled Hollywood And The Sharon Tate Murders. Don’t sleep on Brandon Slagle’s classic this time around..


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