As Joe Jonas Told Us…My Chemical Romance Is Back, Baby!

So last night, I woke up for work & looked at my Tweetfeed & both My Chemical Romance / Gerard Way and Joe Jonas were trending. I wondered whether I had died and gone to Kendallrock heaven, but then I remembered that I had been woken for work, so, nope. Still MY TWO FAVOURITE AMERICAN BANDS HAVE REFORMED IN 2019. Sure, I know i’m in a tiny venn diagram of people who love Jonas Brothers & My Chemical Romance 4Real, hell i’m the guy who saw S Club 7 and 8 at Wembley & then scooted across town to Docklands Arena to see Slipknot at the top of their game. Yep. That was me.

I’ve seen MCR at an intimate Bournemouth show, the complete Black Parade magic at the massive O2 Arena and at the amazing Cardiff International Arena. When I went to Cardiff, I popped into Forbidden Planet and who was in there…? Literally no one but me Gerard, Mikey & Frank. We talked about G’s upcoming comicbook (the now TV show The Umbrella Academy) and how Frank is ‘not a fan, dude’ of TMNT. I geekily texted my friend Kasper who said “Dude, get a photo!” which G was fine with, but trying to act like it was no big deal, I flipped my phone shut & this was years before they saved automatically…D’oh.

Still….My Chemical Romance are back & if you were a Jonas stan, you’d have seen this coming, as JJ told us months ago, getting abuse from metal Twitter & Frank Iero….

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