Massive Metal Tour To Destroy Stadiums In 2020 :

When I was young, these bands were constantly filling arenas and releasing amazing records. Then Nevermind hit like a meteor, wiping out many of the bands I loved. Now with the political climate sucking the life out of everything, the world needs Vince Neil and crew (!) more than ever. Sure I respected Motley for splitting and signing a contract that stated they would never tour again as Motley Crue, but hey, apparently there was a loophole ‘if we all decide to do it’ and also THEY BLEW UP THE FVCKING CONTRACT!

So here we are, 2020 will see Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett slay American stadiums in one of the best bills ever.

I saw Motley supported by White Lion and Skid Row and third on the bill to Metallica and AC/DC and saw Poison under Aerosmith and Whitesnake. Def Leppard I saw headline a few times & they were always fantastic. This is gonna be quite the event & whilst nothing is confirmed for us Brits, I’m sure there will be a Wembley Stadium date. 2020! “Were getting the band back together!” “Hello Cleveland!”

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