Manic Street Preachers Prepare Gold Against The Soul Reissue :

The great lost Manic Street Preachers album is set to join the recent collection of reissues, if their recent Instagram post is anything to go by, it will be a double disc collection, but nothing is official as of yet. Gold Against The Soul took the GNR mannerisms of Generation Terrorists and amped them up to 11, creating a soft rock sound a little too polished for some tastes, causing the band to kick against it with the noiseshock of The Holy Bible.

The b-sides for this album were also superb, from the spiky Comfort Comes to the lush sadness of Donkeys. Gold Against The Soul features all time greats From Despair To Where, La Tristessse Durera, Sleepflower, Drug Drug Druggy – hell, this is so much better than the lukewarm reviews at the time & if we get a tour it is unlikely that we will have to tolerate the YSTSFMH crowd with their drinking large wines and only knowing 2 songs ways. Manics snobbery? You betcha – this was the period when people used to throw eggs at us fans waiting peacefully outside venues, we remember!

Here’s a great lost special from MTV’s Headbangers Ball on the classic record.

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