Elton John Awarded The Companion Of Honour :

There was a time when I was a kid that Elton John was not a big deal to me. Remember that this was before Google & Spotify and ‘Sacrifice’? Well, nope. Then as I discovered The Who, there he was doing perhaps the best version of Pinball Wizard. Then as I read stories of the history of rock, the John/Taupin partnership kept coming up and so I dug deeper. And what I discovered was one of the gfeatest artists ever. Fuck ‘Step Into Christmas’, fuck ‘Face To Face’ – listen to Tiny Dancer, I Think I’m Gonna Kill Myself, I Want Love etc. Etc. Etc. One of Britain’s finest.

Thus I am happy to see The Queen (not the band, but congrats to my boy Roger Taylor on the OBE) give Elton the Companion Of Honour, the highest honour there is – only 64 people aside from her majesty can hold it. And before you (well, if you’re a fan of me, perhaps not you…) whine that someone who has sold 300 MILLION records does not deserve the honour as much as charity workers, blah, blah, Elton contributes to 23 charities, including his own AIDS collective.

Congrats, Sir!

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