Something MENSWE@R This Way Comes :

Once upon a time, there was a BritPOP band (emphasis needed) called Menswe@r and they were good. Probably better than any reformed band from the era. (alongside Marion and My Life Story, the other 2 I still spin regularly). I bought all the singles day one (no streams yet!) and adored them. Saw them live with A Fave Girl at Exeter Cavern, very early on, and then drank with Johnny Dean and company in The Good Mixer when I visited with my dad. His verdict “lovely guys” and my dad didn’t suffer fools.

The band spun out, released a storming Japan only sophomore record, which I first saw in Oxford Street for 33.99, but picked up in Tower Records for 3.99. It was FVCKING BRILLIANT.

Then today, the official Twitter said this :

GUYS!!! GUYS!!! SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL IS HAPPENING IN MENSWE@RLAND!!! STAY TUNED TO THIS ACCOUNT!!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! WE REPEAT!!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!Honestly, some very special things are happening this year. Tell your ‘swe@r loving mates!

So, I’m telling you. @menswearband


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