WWE Review – Hell In A Cell 2020 :

Hell In A Cell was one of WWE’s best PPV’s for an age, good stories told right. But first, let’s look at my biggest problem with the show – Hell In A Cell should not be a PPV. The match is one of my favourite of all time, giving long term feuds somewhere to be finished off with blood and stunning moves. By making it its own PPV, WWE essentially neutered it ‘oh every year at this time, we have to have a Cell match, let’s do it!’ Even worse, this year there were three of the fuckers, there should NEVER BE MORE THAN ONE HIAC MATCH AT AN EVENT, it cheapens and dulls the excitement. The proof of this is shown in the otherwise excellent Reigns/Uso match, which had a fantastic story, one which didn’t need, or indeed use, the cell. The tale being told was so well presented, that this should just have been an I Quit match. Don’t get me STARTED on the stupidity of an I Quit inside the Cell. Too many goddamn cooks.

Who wants to see Jeff Hardy on a PPV in 2020? Nobody. That’s what I thought. His battle with Elias seemed out of place in the big time and a disqualification ending on a PPV is always bullshit. Elias has an album coming out this week and thus should have won clean. Thems the rules.

Otis vs Miz? Well, Otis was obviously someone that Vince found very funny and pushed to the moon for, ooooh, about a month, then he was forgotten. More importantly, the gravitas of the briefcase was forgotten, used only for comedy value instead of being an exciting piece of action that can explode at any time. Now it is in Miz’s hands, we should see it used properly, expect a cash in in the next few weeks, I’m guessing against Orton. you can use it on either brand now cause, Brand Split is wha? I totally popped to see Tucky turn heel, excellent work all around. It seems strange that he has done it now that they are both on different brands, so I presume this will be another disruption of the Brand Split rules. And hopefully Otis’ first non-joke rivalry.

Banks VS Bayley was the only match here that should have been in the Cell and also it should have been headlining. It is one of the best told stories of the last few months. I got so sick of seeing these two on every show that I craved a break up, expecting Banks to turn, so the Bayley evil Ding Dong thing was brilliant. As was their Cell match. Again, the Cell was not really used much but it seemed symbolically correct that this rivalry ended here. There were some breathtaking moves from both here and I genuinely had no idea who was going to win until the bell rang. Excellent. A+.

Was I the only person popping for Slapjack. Man, I love him but what I don’t love is how Retribution are being used. They put themselves over as being unstoppable, breaking windows and lighting shit on fire. Yep, I dug it. Then T-Bar, a fantastic talent and a fantastic reinvention, gets crushed on the weekly show and it seems that perhaps they are only protecting Ali. You know, the leader. And the hacker. And a great talent. But for me, it is Slapjack that I love. Seeing him get a shot on a major PPV gave me the biggest pop of the evening, until, of course, Vince shrugged and decided to let Lashley torture him to a quick tapout. I know we are leading to The Hurt Business vs Retribution at Survivor Series, but you need to give both sides wins on the journey to the next PPV, at the moment, the biggest danger in recent years are being rolled over by all and sundry. I still love you Slapjack, even if Vince doesn’t.

And then it was time for ANOTHER Cell match. The least of the three, but at least this one used the Cell a bit more, as soon as you saw Orton looking up, you knew that they were going to climb and there was some incredible camerawork, with both wrestlers on top of the Cell, even if when they did the ‘falling off the side’ move that we have come to expect, the camera totally missed it, relying on replays to show McIntyre’s shocking drop. Again, props to WWE, I expected Drew to win this easily but today we have Orton as a 14 time champion. He’s not a wrestler I have ever dug, so I am hoping for a Miz cash in as soon as possible and perhaps that it how they want me to think, I dunno. Nice to have a surprise in the headliner though and no dumb interference. (Not you, Kane, yours was great, I mean every other one)

So there you have it, the time flew by and there were plenty of great moments. I’m still not a fan of naming a PPV after your best match that should be kept for very very special occasions but this one was a definite victory for all involved. Sorry, Otis.

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